I’m still alive

I know it’s been almost two months since I updated my blog. Yeah, I know, two months. Sigh.

Anyway, no sob stories. Had the chance to run Star Wars Saga Edition with my buddy Chad and his son Alex last Saturday night. We started the Dawn of Defiance campaign and generally had a good time. Forgot how much I enjoyed running a campaign and hope to continue the adventure soon.

Joey was visiting his mom on Saturday night when we played. I told him Sunday and he was bummed. I asked him if he wanted to play next time and he said “Yeah!” He then proceeds to tell me he wants a guy that is good with guns.

I thought that was cool but it gets better. He proceeds to tell me he thinks a clone trooper would be cool. I explain that the game is set after the Clone Wars and he says, “Well, my guy could have decided not to turn to the bad side.” I thought that was a great story idea and I know exactly how to implement it into the campaign! My little guy is becoming quite the story teller.

That I really like!

I’ll post his finished stats here in a day or two when they’re done along with the clueless Gamorrean I’m playing to add some muscle to a team of scoundrels. Good stuff!

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