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Way Back Wednesday – Glass Bottles

One thing I noticed when I traveled overseas last summer is that you can still get your favorite soda pop in a glass bottle. Which for me was a novelty. It seems that aside from a special holiday bottle of

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Talk Back Tuesday – Movie or Book?

Welcome to another Talk Back Tuesday! Today’s question – given a choice, do you prefer to read the book first, watch the movie first or do just one? Have at it, just remember the rules: keep it fun, keep it

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Mishmash Monday – Lot’s o’ Stuff!

Okay, first off, let me apologize for no Wordless Weekends this week. You’d think that posting a picture would be simple enough, but the weekend got away from me. Oh well, hope you will forgive me. Now, on with the

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Foodie Friday – Matt’s Bar

I enjoy a fancy restaurant as much as the next guy. Don’t tell Julie, but sometimes I don’t even mind getting dressed up and heading out to a nice place with real silver and fine china. All these things can

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Top 5 Thursdays – Tile Laying Games

I promised everyone a bit of a geek-tastic Wednesday and Thursday this week and I aim to deliver. As many of you know, I am a game player. Board, card, video, roleplaying – if it’s a game, I’ll at give

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Wayback Wednesday – Marvel Super Heroes RPG

If you’ve read the blog lately, you know my infatuation with the new Icons roleplaying game. A big reason I’m so excited about this new game is that it hearkens back to my first foray into the geeky world of

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Talk Back Tuesday – 06/22

It’s another Talk Back Tuesday! Remember the rules: keep it clean, keep it friendly and keep it fun! Here’s your question: Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

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Mishmash Monday 06/21 – Blackjack!

Hey, it’s the start of week three of the revamped “Stuff I Like”. Hope you are enjoying the content and there is a great week planned for everyone including a geektastic Wednesday and Thursday! But before we can get that

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Wordless Weekend – 06/19 & 20

This one is from Joey!

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Foodie Friday – Lambert’s Cafe

[Ed. Note – I should always know better, but you should always save, save, save! Hence the reason this post is late.] Vacations are a great time to get away. Sun, surf, or lots of theme park rides if you

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