And we’re back!

Okay, so I know I haven’t updated the blog for a while. A long while. Like since last November.

But a buddy of mine launched a great new blog and it inspired me to relaunch this blog. “Oh sure,” you say. Well, I already have two weeks worth of content in the hopper and that will allow me to spread out the workload.

Just to keep me honest, here’s what you can expect each week:

Wordless Weekends: I take a break from talking and share a few pictures of things I like.

Mishmash Mondays: A virtual potluck of things that I like right now.

Way-back Wednesdays: A look back at something I liked from my childhood!

Themed Thursdays: We’ll take a look at something I enjoy in-depth over the course of a few weeks.

Foodie Fridays: One of my favorite subjects where I’ll look at food, eateries and, of course, beer!

Of course, I reserve the right to post additional content and you’ll always find my twitter feed off to the right (go ahead, look now, I’ll wait) along with what games I’m currently playing (it’s right below the twitter feed, you probably saw it already).

What I would really like is for you, the dear reader, to comment. That’s right, tell me what you think about the new format. Your comments and hits on the page let me know that someone out there (beneath the big blue sky – thanks Fivel) is reading.

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2 comments on “And we’re back!
  1. Melissa says:

    I like your layout!! I am excited to read about your goings ons!!! I like your ideas for posts. I have some friends that do “talk to me tuesdays” where it’s a video instead of words. . .

  2. tdcackler says:

    I like the name, but I think I have an even better idea for a talk to me Tuesday. Thanks for the suggestion!

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