Mishmash Monday 06/07/2010

Welcome to the first Mishmash Monday! Mondays are usually tough enough, so I hope to take you for a quick spin around my world and what I like and what I enjoy. So, I hope you enjoy!

  • If you like superhero roleplaying games (and I know you do), you really need to check out ICONS. This fast pace game takes me back to the days of the old Marvel Superhero RPG by TSR. Fast, furious and fun, you can look for more information at the unofficial-official wiki and this great review. Is it the perfect supers game? No, but it’s darn close.
  • A few weeks back, on Free Comic Day to be precise, I picked up three collections of Marvel Adventures, all series geared for younger readers. Iron Man, Avengers, and Spider-Man. All were good, but the Spider-Man and Iron Man were particularly good. In fact, this is a great way to get my comic fix, share it in an age appropriate way with Joey and not hit the wallet too hard. That, my friends, is what we like to call a win/win.
  • Speaking of Joey, last week was his 9th birthday. Happy Birthday to boy #1 in the house.
  • On the music front, as a family, the Barenaked Ladies have topped our playlist. That’s right, the whole family. Their album “Snacktime” is a fantastic kids album. I include a video from it below:
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One comment on “Mishmash Monday 06/07/2010
  1. Jules says:

    Glad I could introduce the Crazy ABC song to you and make music time more interesting. Of course it will be interesting in a couple of years when someone asks him… Do you like Raffi? Nope — I like Barenaked Ladies!

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