Wayback Wednesday – Thundarr the Barbarian

Part of the inspiration of relaunching the blog was a conversation I had with my friend Tim the other day. His blog, Fridays 8/7 Central is a great retrospective of those quirky shows that didn’t make it much more than a season. During that conversation he asked me if I could think of any shows I’d like to see featured.

One of the first shows that popped into my mind was Thundarr. Actually, this classic Saturday morning cartoon of my youth has been on my mind quite a bit actually. When I heard the other day that there was a new Thundercats series coming out, I wished that they would have done a Thundarr series instead.  In a word, Thundarr rocked.

Okay, so it was a mishmash of several elements (Thor, Conan and others). Sure they ripped off elements from Star Wars (Sun Sword? Ookla?). But in my 8 and 9 year old mind, it was great. I remember playing Thundarr with my buddies on the playground(I usually was Ookla the Mok, in case you were wondering) something that until then was reserved for Star Wars in that late 1970’s and early 1980’s time frame.

The only thing that hasn’t held up is the fact that the disaster that ended our civilization was in 1994. Something tells me that if it was today, it would be in 2012. Other than that, it remains a fun romp even today. Unfortunately, the producers have not released official DVD’s, leaving us to scavenge the wastelands for bootleg copies. At this point, I’ll hold out for official DVD’s. “Ariel, Ookla! We ride!”

If this trip down memory lane has struck a chord, you can check out wikipedia’s page, a really cool fan site and, of course, You Tube:

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