Mishmash Monday – June 14th

The first full week of the revamped “Stuff I Like” is in the books and I haven’t ran out of things to talk about yet. That’s a good sign. It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another Mishmash Monday and quick spin around the intertubes to see what’s hot on my radar.

– Look’s like our friends over at the reborn WizKids Games have obtained the Star Trek license to create a new Clix-style game. Although I’m not the biggest Trek fan in the world, I am a fan of the Clix games and I am intrigued about this game, especially since Wizards of the Coast didn’t renew the Star Wars license.

– Speaking of Star Wars, Disney unveiled more information about the upcoming Star Tours 2.0. Looks like we’re in for 3-D, multiple destinations and a wide range of destinations. In case you were wondering, here’s a picture of the upcoming enhancements:

(C) Disney, LFL

– Still hoping to get ICONS to the table sometime soon, but in the meantime, I enjoyed this write-up of a character roll up!

-Sure, I love my Kindle, but man, this sure looks impressive!

– I got a new toy this weekend! Well, Julie and I got the new toy, but it is a very impressive piece of geocaching equipment. The Magellan explorist GC is a really nifty all in one geocaching tool designed for both the newbie and the more serious cacher as well. The biggest complaint I heard was there wasn’t an owner’s manual, but, hey, I never read those things anyway. Look for a full review once I’ve had a chance to put it through it’s paces.

-Finally, he’s a little music to brighten your Monday:

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3 comments on “Mishmash Monday – June 14th
  1. Sunglar says:

    Love the mishmash, interesting bit on the Star Trek Clix game! I’m glad you liked the ICONS character write up. Thanks for the music, I got to hear it late on Monday and it brightened my evening…

  2. John Lewis says:

    You happened to choose the best song on country radio in a long time. Inspired choice!

  3. tdcackler says:

    Yeah, every once in awhile someone “gets it” when it comes to country music. Of course, I lean more towards bluegrass these days – I wonder who I can blame for that?

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