Talk Back Tuesday – June 15th

Okay, time for another installment of Talk Back Tuesday. This week:

What one artist is on your mp3 player that you hope no one ever finds out about?

Remember the ground rules: Keep it clean, Keep it friendly and most of all, Keep it fun!

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10 comments on “Talk Back Tuesday – June 15th
  1. That’s a toughie. Either the Yeah Yeahs or Afroman. Maybe Eminem.

  2. Cathy says:

    How about the new kids on the block

  3. Jules says:

    hmm, I dunno – more things that would surprise some people more than others. Alan Jackson, or some of the Disney stuff.

  4. John Lewis says:

    The Carpenters are my musical gulity pleasure.

  5. Dan says:

    Cannot really say since most of my friends know of eclectic take of music but I do have a little more country now then what I have had in the past.

  6. tdcackler says:

    Interesting choices. I’ll reveal mine later tonight.

  7. Ooh. The theme song from “Rocky”

  8. Eric says:

    I don’t know that I am embarrassed by any of my music. I have everything from hard rock to showtunes, rap to bluegrass. I’m not even ashamed of my Vanilla Ice. Word to your, mutha!

  9. tdcackler says:

    Hey Eric, “Ice Ice Baby!”

  10. tdcackler says:

    Okay, I promised mine – Paula Abdul. Don’t judge me.

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