Mishmash Monday – Lot’s o’ Stuff!

Okay, first off, let me apologize for no Wordless Weekends this week. You’d think that posting a picture would be simple enough, but the weekend got away from me. Oh well, hope you will forgive me.

Now, on with the show, and since we’re headed into gaming convention season, there is a LOT of stuff to look at this week…

– If you are so inclined, Highmoon Games is looking for a few good ICONS freelancers.

-Speaking of ICONS, they released a new adventure this week and a java character builder/generator. Now, if everyone would just paypal me $.50, I’d have enough in no time…

-If you’re a fan of the Forcecast (and I know you are!), do them a favor and fill out this brief survey. It will help them pay the bills for this awesome Star Wars Podcast.

– Here’s the best review I’ve seen on “Ticket to Ride“:

– If you are a fan of Fantasy Flight’s “Lord of the Rings” game, you might be interested to know they are reprinting it.

-Wondering where to go on your summer vacation? Kayak can help you plan with their new Explore feature.

This information on a Judge Dredd miniatures game looks pretty cool.

– Fans of Memoir ’44 and the like might be interested to know that Avalon Hill is reprinting the game that preceded it all, Battle Cry.

-Speaking of reprints, Days of Wonder announced this week that they are reprinting Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries. Now, if everyone will paypal me $1 more to cover this…

-Hungry after all this game talk, look at this!

– If you were looking to spend your summer vacation with one of the chief Board Game Geek Geeks, then this trip is for you!

– If you do go on that trip, you may need these tips on sleeping on an overseas flight.

-Looks like those that who attended the Origins Game Fair got a chance to see the Microsoft Game Surface playing a game of Settlers of Catan. The gaming prospects are really cool for this type of touch screen.

-Fan of free? Fan of games? Then check out my friends over at the Stargaer’s World blog and their look at a classic game that is available for free!

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff – and I didn’t even get to it all. Hope this get’s your week kicked off right. Comments, concerns, or anything I missed? Leave me a comment!

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