Way Back Wednesday – Glass Bottles

One thing I noticed when I traveled overseas last summer is that you can still get your favorite soda pop in a glass bottle. Which for me was a novelty. It seems that aside from a special holiday bottle of Coke, a person is hard pressed to find a glass bottle of any soda on the store shelves. Which is a shame, because we know that soda tastes better when it is stored in a glass bottle rather than a plastic one or even an aluminum can.

What? How can that be! If it’s all the same stuff going in, how can a container affect the flavor of a beverage? According to a quote on the PopSci website:

according to Sara Risch, a food chemist and member of the Institute of Food Technologists. “While packaging and food companies work to prevent any interactions, they can occur,” she says. For example, the polymer that lines aluminum cans might absorb small amounts of soluble flavor from the soda. Conversely, acetaldehyde in plastic bottles might migrate into the soda. The FDA regulates this kind of potential chemical contact, but even minute, allowable amounts could alter flavor.

Look at this - glass!

So, I was right, soda, especially my beloved original formula Mountain Dew, does taste better in a glass bottle. Sure, I’ll grant you that part of it may be in my head (as a lot of things are), but I think there is scientific evidence that that the preferred beverage and container of my youth truly is different than the stuff you can get today in that petroleum by-product bottle.

When I first thought of this subject, I thought maybe I was being overly nostalgic. But in talking to the lovely Mrs., she agreed that her parents went to a different store to get their Diet Pepsi in a glass bottle. Plus, if you ever feel like you are a freak and you’re all alone in a particular passion, just hop on that new fangled world wide interweb and you’re sure to find someone else who shares that passion. I did.

Why did the beverage industry change to plastic as the primary containment vessel? Most folks blame economics as plastic bottles weigh and break less leading to lower costs and waste thus increased profits. With sales and the overall competitive nature of the soda industry, I guess you have to cut corners where you can.

What about you? Do you long for the days of a ice cold root beer in a glass bottle? Or are you content with the modern way of serving our favorite carbonated sodas? Do you have a line on a current production supply of classic Dew in a glass bottle? Leave me a comment below.

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One comment on “Way Back Wednesday – Glass Bottles
  1. Doug McHone says:

    Recently, Mountain Dew has sold a version called “Throwback” which is made with sugar, rather than corn syrup. That makes an even bigger difference than the bottling. Regarding glass bottles, they can be found. Look for Mexican grocery stores or departments within your local grocery store. There are some convenience stores in Des Moines that carry glass bottles, usually in parts of town with higher Mexican populations, such as along 14th street from Southridge Mall to I-235. You can get great tacos and burritos from mobile kitchens there also!

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