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No Fun Friday

It was another hectic week and I just ran put of time. I’m taking the day off, but look for a Wordless Weekend post tomorrow! Advertisements

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Top Five Thursday – Emmitt Smith

This Saturday one of the true legends to play the game of football will take his rightful place among the bronze busts in Canton, Ohio. Actually, two of the greatest players will take their place in the Pro Football Hall

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What I Think Wednesday – The Newness

It seems that the latest brouhaha within the RPG world is the rumored announcement from Wizards of the Coast that they are not reprinting the three core books for Dungeons & Dragons and instead focusing on their new Essentials line.

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Talk Back Tuesday – Do You Tip?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re back to a Talk Back Tuesday with an interesting question: Do you tip at the coffee shop? Also, still looking for questions for future tip Tuesday’s. Leave those in the comments below! I specialize in Disney

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Tip of the Day – Do You Have a Question?

Hey, it’s me again. If you have a question for the Tip of the Day, feel free to shoot it my way and I’ll take a stab at answering it. Leave it in the comments below. That is all, Thanks!

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Mishmash Monday – Just a total Mishmash!

Hey all! Welcome back to another week of “Stuff I Like”. Since I missed a Mishmash Monday last week, we have a few things to catch up on. So, without further ado… Looks like the NFL will stream Preseason Games

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Wordless Weekends – Vroom!

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