Mishmash Monday 07/05/10

Welcome to the first Mishmash Monday of July! Hard to think that the summer is already 1/3 over, but that means that as NASCAR and MLB are heating up, the NFL and College Football is right around the corner. It also means we’re in prime vacation season and game convention seasion That means there is another busy week at “Stuff I LIke” So, without further ado…

– Remember, the old joke that I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you? Well, what do you do when you don’t have anyone else to outrun? You grab your pocket knife!

Dixit won the SDJ award this year, marking a break from the more Gamer games that the “German Game of the Year” award has awarded as of late. Fans of games like Cranium Whoonu and Apples to Apples should check this one out. I wouldn’t mind playing it, but I doubt I’ll rush out and pick this one up.

-Looks like Marvel is developing a television unit and is teasing hour long dramas. Daredevil would make a great series (law, supers, it’d be great!). But here is the new head of Marvel Television talking about it.

-The good folks over at Board Game News are doing a revamp of their site.

-Congrats to Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau for making the All-Star Team. Delmon Young is up for the final vote as well. Now, the Twins just need to start winning again.

-This picture made me smile: -Yeah, I prefer Marvel Comics, but with all the hubbub about Wonder Woman’s costume change, it’s kinda hard to miss. Here’s a look at her costume over the years.

Here’s a list of the top 25 Country Singles of the first half of the year.

-It seems that the folks over at Days of Wonder are catching some flack for their new game Fictionaire based on the packaging. How about giving them some heat for a completely and uninspired game design that is basically a rip-off of other games?

-Are you a gamer and like to use electronic aids at the table? Gnome Stew has an list of some great aids for both your laptop and your mobile device.

-Check out this You Tube video that describes how they created computer graphics for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:

-If you are a fan of the game Agricola, then you’ll be interested in this information.

-Headed out of town for vacation? Be sure to check out the Geek’s Packing Checklist!

-Finally, here’s a little something that should make the gamer geek in you smile. Happy Independence Day!

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