Tip of the Day Tuesday – Airports

Okay, Talk Back Tuesdays is taking a break for a bit. For the next several weeks, I want to share a few hints, tips and secrets for whatever strikes my fancy. One tip per day and then you can share your tips on the subject below.

Today’s tip is for flying. As tempting as it is to want to arrive at the airport at the last moment possible, make sure you arrive to check in with plenty of time. Think of worst case scenarios at the check-in desk, security and with boarding the plane. If everything goes smoothly, get a cup of coffee on the other side of security and grab that book you brought and relax. No sense starting a trip stressed out because you had difficulties getting to the plane.

Do you have a tip when it comes to airports? Be sure and leave it below in the comments.

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One comment on “Tip of the Day Tuesday – Airports
  1. Larry says:

    Time is most certainly your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to flying. Anything you can do to ease that crunch will make your life much easier. Here’s a few things that I do regularly when I fly:

    Pre-print your boarding pass. I don’t know of any major airline that doesn’t allow you to check in for the flight and print your boarding pass ahead of time. That makes one less thing you have to worry about doing once you get to the airport.

    Figure out parking ahead of time. If you aren’t having someone drop you off, know where you are going to park before you get to the airport. If parking is off-site you will need to allow extra time for the shuttle service. Something else you might consider is an off-site valet service. Usually the cost is not much more per day than standard parking, but the curb side pickup and drop off can be worth the cost so you don’t have to try to wrangle bags all over 30 acres of parking lots.

    Consider using the curb side bag check in. Some places have started charging for this service, so it might be hit and miss, but it is something to consider. This is something you will just have to look at when you get to the airport. Sometimes you will find long lines at curbside, other times there is almost no waiting. Something to keep in mind as this gives you an additional option to reduce your waiting before going to the security line.

    Finally, think ahead about your carry-on luggage and how you are going to interact with the security line. Just to make things easier on yourself, don’t carry anything you don’t have to through security. Not only do you have to keep up with whatever you are carrying, even a ‘light’ bag gets heavier the longer you carry it. (I remember a connecting flight that went through Detroit. I deplaned at gate 6 and had to make a connecting flight at gate 74. I think my 8 pound laptop doubled in weight every 15-20 gates.) You might want to check the current TSA rules to make sure you aren’t bringing any offending articles. If you are carrying a laptop or shoulder bag, put any loose change you might have in it before you get to security. If you have a big key ring you might want to put that in there also. Wear comfortable, easy to slip off and on shoes. You are going to be doing a lot of walking and will have to remove your shoes, so you might as well make it as comfortable as you can. One final note about security, you will be asked to take off any extra articles of clothing (hats, jackets, etc) that you might be wearing. Just something to think about so you can weigh the necessity of the particular item.

    Hope this helps. Happy flying.

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