Tip Tuesday – Steak

I love a great piece of beef (oh, who am I kidding, I’m a carnivore to the bone). But I’m also cheap, er, frugal I guess is the correct term these days. And steak is expensive. So how do I satisfy my craving for a big hunk of cow and my wallet? Glad you asked! The answer is found on all those potato chips you’ve been eating.

No, I’m not talking about sour cream and onions. I’m talking about salt. I stumbled across a website that explains this process of taking out the steak 15 minutes to an hour before you cook it, coating it in kosher or sea salt, rinsing it off and then cooking the steak on the grill. I was intrigued. I first tried it when we did our semi-traditional New Year’s Day fondue and the steak turned out tender and juicy. I wanted to try more.

On a whim, Jules picked up some cheap charcoal steaks at our local Fareway store. At about $2 per pound, these certainly qualify as “cheap”. But, I decided to put this method to the test. Oh. Buddy. These “cheap” steaks came out tender and flavorful (enhanced, to be sure, with a pat of butter and some bleu cheese!) We have repeated this trick several times and even when I figured that the steaks looked grisly and tough, this salt trick has made prime cuts out of our cheap eats every time.

Do you have a tip for grilling steak? If so, share it below as long as you follow the rules!

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2 comments on “Tip Tuesday – Steak
  1. Doug says:

    Intriguing. How long did you let them salt? And were they refrigerated for that time?

  2. tdcackler says:

    I do about 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time and I leave them on the counter. This also brings them up to room temp that helps with cooking as well.

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