Foodie Friday – Chili!

Okay, so I missed a top five Thursday yesterday. I promise all the readers of this blog a refund of … oh, wait, no money exchanged hands?! Oh, in that case you get what you pay for!

Seriously, you may be wondering how crazy I am to be blogging about Chili (with an ‘I’) in the middle of one of the hottest stretches of the summer. Well, I figured I could include a clip from one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows to stretch the blog and you’d be none the wiser, oh, wait, I guess I just blew that.

Anyway, chili and I go way back. My dad used a recipe for chili that he found in a cookbook he got for smoking a certain brand. Now, it was darn good chili, but I had mastered it and I was looking for a new challenge. Enter Mr. Brown and his chili recipe. I tried his and loved it, but knew I needed to make it my own.

So that’s what I’ve set about doing. I’m still tinkering with it and I suppose I should write it down the next time I make it. But sometimes having something that doesn’t turn out exactly the same every time is somewhat good.

Anyway, do you have a recipe that you’ve “improved”? Care to share? Do so in the comments and in the meantime, enjoy this clip from “Good Eats”.

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