Talk Back Tuesday – Do You Tip?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re back to a Talk Back Tuesday with an interesting question:

Do you tip at the coffee shop?

Also, still looking for questions for future tip Tuesday’s. Leave those in the comments below! I specialize in Disney Travel Tips, but I’ll give you advice on just about anything.

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2 comments on “Talk Back Tuesday – Do You Tip?
  1. Doug says:

    I’m kinda funny about that. A typical stop will cost under $3. If you want to start at the 15% tip, you’re looking at under 0.50. You could go up to a dollar, but that seems excessive while giving change seems chintzy. Maybe I have OCD or something, but I don’t tip unless I will be sitting in the shop for a while and asking for a refill.

    But then I don’t get fancy with my coffee. If I were to get a hand made drink beyond the cup o’ joe, that could be a different matter.

  2. Steve says:

    I make such a wicked good cup myself I see no need to go to a coffee house. And if I’m going somewhere and can’t make a cup I’ll stop by Mc Donald’s or QT, both have great coffee. No, not that namby pamby mocco chocco latta haha stuff. Straight, black, and good.

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