What I Think Wednesday – Free TV

About a year ago, Julie and I decided that rather than have someone else watch Lucas primarily after he was born that she would transition into the world of the stay at home mom. In order for that to work, however, we realized that we would need to cut some things out of our budget. One of the first things that we realized would need to go was pay television (aka cable television).

Now, I hear the audible gasps across the blogosphere. No cable television?! What will you do for entertainment? Well, aside from the obvious answer of “other things”, we quickly signed up for Netflix to supplement what was on free (or local) television. And, quite honestly, we have never looked back especially since they added live streaming of Netflix instant queue products to the Wii.

About the only thing that I really miss is live sports. But I have the MLB app for my iPod Touch (or iPhone now, but I digress) so for $15 I get as many baseball game audio broadcasts as I can take. I get NASCAR races on the radio locally so no worries there either. This fall will be the biggest challenge as it will be the first fall without cable during football season, but I should be able to at least listen to every Iowa Hawkeye game on 1040 WHO and it looks like all but five Cowboys games will be on a free source as well (or on ESPN while I’m on the cruise, so we’re good there as well).

A question that often comes up is whether or not I miss cable television. It’s hard to say. I certainly don’t lie about moaning about my life because it’s not there, but there are times I miss not having SportsCenter or Food Network. But, overall, I find myself with more time to play games or read rather than watch television. And I also have more time to do this blogging thing too.

What about you? Do you have cable television? Could you give it up? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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