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Top Five Thursday – Vacation Tips

Continuing the theme of travel Thursdays, here are my top five vacation tips. Enjoy! 5) Do your homework – Let’s face, vacations can be expensive. You wouldn’t go buy a car without checking reviews and seeing if it is worth

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Weird News Wednesdays – Issue 5

Time for another Weird News Wednesday. Let me say that criminals are stupid… Another Darth Vader Robber – Really? This is so last month. I’m still waiting for someone to rob a bank dressed as Jar Jar Binks. German Man

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Tech Tuesday – A Kindle, Disney and Cold Turkey

This week we have stories about some cool Disney Tech Toys, the Kindle taking root and swipes at the iPad and a University quitting social media? Say it isn’t so! On with the tech news! Apple Set to Approve Google

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Talk Back Tuesday

Here’s your question – who is your favorite actor and why? Discuss!

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MishMash Monday – 1st Monday of Fall!

Welcome to another MishMash Monday! As we usher in fall, let’s take a look at what I’m liking around the intertubes… If you’re a fan of the EU of Star Wars, here’s a great checklist of all the novels. If

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Wordless Weekend – 4 Weeks to Go!

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Travel Thursday – Random Bits From the Web

We’re changing Thursdays for a bit to Travel days at Stuff I Like. Since we all like to travel and get away, what better day than Thursday. So, to kick it off, here are a few items I’ve noticed from

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