Top Five Thursday – The NFL

Last week, I celebrated the Kick Off of the College Football Season with the Top 5 Things I like better about the college game of football. Since tonight is the official kick off for the NFL season, here are the Top 5 things I prefer about the NFL.

5) Monday Night Football – Now, this has lost a bit since the game has moved to ESPN, but there is always something special about the national stage and being the only game in town. Both teams tended to step up their game on Monday and usually put on a really good show. Best of all, the game usually went late enough that I had to remember to keep my yelling to a minimum so I didn’t wake up the house.

4) The Draft – For a weekend in April, fans can satisfy their football cravings with the fun and intrigue of which player goes where. The perfect melding of the college game and the pro game, the draft is an oasis of football in the desert of the off season. Best of all, this usually occurs near or on my birthday so it is a great present to sit around and track the draft.

3) The Coverage – With only 32 teams and a maximum of 16 games a week, coverage tends to be more even for each team when compared to the college game. For example, the Bengals and the Browns tend to get the same level of coverage nationally while Ohio State tends to get more coverage than Miami (OH). Plus, it’s easier for fans in far away places to still follow their team even if they don’t live in or near the home city.

2) The Playoffs – Sure, I enjoy the buffet of college football that is the bowl season, but there is something special about the finality of the playoffs. It’s win and live to play another day which is something that the college game just lacks. Plus, playoffs are about the only fair way to determine a champion for a sport, something the big boys in college lack. Even if my team isn’t playing, I’ll often watch the games just because of the tension of the game.

1) The Super Bowl – This is a continuation of the last item. The Super Bowl is a national holiday, held on a Sunday when most people tend to enjoy more free time. The college game has their championship game on a weeknight when kids have to get to bed and us old foggies have trouble staying awake. I think that if the college game had a playoff, their championship game would rival that of the Super Bowl, but until then, I have to say that the best thing about the NFL is their championship game and how it’s captivated the American culture.

There you have it! Regardless, I love football regardless of the format, but these are my favorite things about the NFL. Well, almost everything. I’ve taken a perverse pleasure in watching Bret Favre losing and/or getting hurt, but I figured mentioning that would get me trouble.

Enjoy the NFL season and Go Cowboys!

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