Foodie Friday – MeatFest!

10 years ago, my brother-in-law received a smoker as a gift. Now, if you know anything about smoking meat, it’s not something most folks do in small quantities. Wanting to try it out and share the bounty with his family, he set aside a weekend where he would smoke meat and then we’d get together and eat it. When Jules first told me about the idea, I said, “Wow! That sounds like a giant MeatFest!” Thus, the event was christened and the rest, as they say, is history.

A few years ago, we settled on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend to be MeatFest. Not only is the beginning of football around this time, but now this family holiday holds a cherrished position during this weekend. When we were expecting Lucas and we knew the due date was mid-September, we really hopped he wouldn’t be early so we wouldn’t have to miss MeatFest (although I know our family would bring us gifts of meat, right? RIGHT?!)

Although the dishes vary somewhat from year to year, I thought I’d share my favorites from this year in the form of a Top 5 List. Here we go…

5) The Ribs – Kinda funny that ribs would find themselves so low on the list, but that’s not a knock against the ribs. These Baby Backs were tender and well flavored. Served dry with the sauce on the side, these were Joey’s favorites.

4) Bacaroinigizards – Every year, John tries a new appetizer and this year was no different. This dish consisted of a chicken gizzard, topped with a slice of pepperoni and wrapped in bacon and then smoked. Yowza. These were fantastic.

3) Pulled Pork Butt – Heh, I just said butt. Now, the pork butt is really the shoulder (thanks, Alton Brown!) but this was some of the best pork I’ve ever had. Really. Very good.

2) Bacon Bleu Cheese Dip – My sister in law made this fantastic cream cheese dip with bleu cheese and bacon. I could’ve eaten this with a spoon it was so good. Loaded with flavor and very intense, this new dish was a keeper!

1) Brisket – If I’m a dying man and I have one shot at a last meal, I want John’s brisket. It is that good. I told him as we were leaving on Sunday that his brisket was the best I’ve had anywhere from anyone. Hands down. So, John, if you’re reading this and you know I’m dying – I beg you, bring me some brisket. It’s the best brisket this side of Heaven.

There you go! MeatFest 2010 in the books. The worst part of MeatFest is that it is over far too fast, but at least we have the anticipation to look forward to!

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3 comments on “Foodie Friday – MeatFest!
  1. B. Lynn says:

    You should do a turducken next year a chicken stuffed in to a duck stuffed in to a turkey, they are all deboned of course and the chicken has stuffing in it, it is just crazy amount og meat.

  2. Eric says:

    I want some of that brisket. Looks delish!

  3. […] might just be your only shot at getting some of my brother-in-law’s awesome smoked meat (and you can read more about that HERE!). Plus, all the money will go to help our expenses in getting our little guy […]

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