Weird News Wednesday – Issue Three

Time once again for another Weird News Wednesday – remember, I don’t make this stuff up – it would be too hard!

Plumber Helps Retrieve Rings From Drain – I’ve heard of marriages going down the drain or in the toilet but nothing quite like this. At the end of the day true loves, and a capable plumber, wins out!

Drake University’s New Logo is a “D+” – Funny, if you have that GPA, you can’t play basketball for Drake but evidently you can get a job in the marketing department.

German Man Can’t Be Fired for $0.18 theft – Be careful, don’t try and recharge your phone (or car) at the office. You may find yourself unemployed.

Teen Texts Detective About Drug Deal – So I get a wrong text every once in awhile, but nothing like this! You may want to pay closer attention if you are texting about something illegal.

Indonesian Tot Kicks the Habit – Finally, a happy conclusion to the weird news story of the year. That kid who was smoking a “butt” load (get it, cigarette butt, get it?) has finally quit. No word if he needed the patch.

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