What I Think Wednesday – A Fistful of New Games

Last Saturday, I headed over to Mayhem Comics for their 24 hours of gaming. Although I didn’t stay for all 24 hours, I did stay for a few and got the chance to play three brand new (to me) games. Each had their pluses and minuses and none stood out to me as must haves, but I wanted to share a few thoughts on each.

  • Forbidden Island – This newer coop game from the creator of Pandemic clearly shows those roots. In fact, it is Pandemic Light with a new theme pasted on. I enjoyed it to a point and would consider picking this one up at some point, but it is certainly not a must have in my eyes if you already own Pandemic. The only plus is that you could, quite easily, make this a back pack or travel game by ditching the tin it comes in and maybe dropping a few of the mechanics. Overall, I would say that the game is fun, but not one that I need to have in my collection.
  • Ascension – Ummm, yeah. If you’ve played games for any length of time, you’ve heard the term “multi-player solitare” probably more than once. This one exemplifies it to a “t”. Tedious and frustrating if you don’t have the right cards come up, this cousin to “Dominion” is downright obnoxious. Considering I don’t care for Dominion either, I certainly will not see this one hit my shelves any time soon. The game relies too much on luck to be a serious game for me with little or no means to mitigate that luck. Clearly a game that wasn’t quite ready for prime time.
  • Leverage RPG – I know nothing about Leverage, but have heard good things about the show. I really wanted to check out the Cortex System that runs other Margaret Weis Publishing games like Serenity. Also, this was a published scenario using the characters from the show that I don’t know. That all said, the system itself is intriguing. At first, I didn’t like the die pool mechanic where any ones made a complication. But considering that those complications allow me to take narrative control by using plot points at other times, I got to a point that I liked it and rolling an one wasn’t the end of the world. I’d like to actually read the system, but it seems pretty solid, all things considered.
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