Top Five Thursday – Baby Tips

So today is a special day as it was one year ago that my newest boy Lucas was born. As our first (and as of now only) baby, I’ve learned a lot about babies over the past year. I thought that I would share my Top Five Baby Tips from a novice Dad’s perspective. So, blow out those candles, little Padawan, here we go.

5) Cloth Diapers – Now, I’m going to get grief from Jules about this one, but I really have been a fan of the decision to use cloth or washable diapers. Between the diapers and wipes, I would wager we’ve already paid for them and now we can really save money. The ones we use are as easy as disposables but better not only for the pocketbook and the planet.

4) Experiment – When we brought Lucas home, we tried breast feeding, but it didn’t work as advertised. Julie was determined to make it work but I ran out of ideas as to why Lucas was crying for hours on end. I tried a bottle and he slurped it down and stopped crying. Sometimes one thing will work with him but the next day it won’t. The important thing as a parent is you can’t be afraid to try some different things to keep your kid happy and healthy.

3) Go With the Flow – If anything, I’ve learned that the most important thing when parenting a baby is going with the flow. I’m a schedule guy and with a nine-year-old, we can usually set a schedule. Not so with a baby. You have to expect the unexpected with a baby and you need to be willing to deal with that. Having the right attitude goes a long way in being a successful parent.

2) Give up – There comes a point when as a parent, you have to realize that you aren’t really in control of the life of your kid. Something or someone else is. I quickly realized that I can’t control him so even beyond just going with the flow, I have to give Lucas up to God. Not that I won’t parent him or do what I’m supposed to, but I understand that the gift isn’t Lucas himself but the new lifelong relationship I have with him as his Dad. It was once I gave up, I really began to enjoy my son.

1) Love ’em – This one is short. Play with ’em, love ’em and cuddle ’em. He’s already growing up too fast and I know I’ll never have a regret for spending time wrestling on the floor or singing “Winnie the Pooh” to him. Don’t miss your child as they grow up – you’ll never get it back.

There you have it! Happy Birthday, Lucas. Love ya buddy – more than you know!

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One comment on “Top Five Thursday – Baby Tips
  1. Kathy says:

    you made me cry! 🙂

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