Tech Tuesday

Time for another installment of Tech Tuesday. It seems that tech continues to get cheaper and cheaper as does the tech behind that makes it work.

  • Android Set to Dominate Market – This is why we don’t need the government stepping in and telling businesses how to do business. In today’s marketplace, someone will come along and make a better product that people will prefer, such as Android toppling Apple who toppled Blackberry. Someday, someone will topple Google’s Android. Bank on it.
  • Smartpad from India = $35 – It’s amazing that there is such interesting tech coming from Asia and it’s cheap. Refreshing, at least, compared to newer tech introduced for the American Market.
  • Walmart, T-Mobile Team Up for New Service – Unlimited talk & text for $45 a month? A total of 300 MB of data for $10 more? No contract? Makes other plans seem a bit anemic. But this is what you get when you aren’t spreading your payments for your new phone over the life of a contract.
  • Super Mario Turns 25 – Wow, he’s, like, old. Just kidding but it is rather hard to believe that Mario has been around that long.
  • Smart Finger Measuring Thimbles – Not sure what I would ever use them for, but these sure look cool!
  • Microsoft’s Bing Tops Yahoo! in Search – Again to my first point, if a company wants to survive, they will innovate and adapt to the new market. Personally, I love the fact that Microsoft isn’t backing down from Google or Apple and looks to have some really nifty products on the way. Competition is great for the consumer and I hope we see more of it between these Juggernauts.
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