Tech Tuesday – A Kindle, Disney and Cold Turkey

This week we have stories about some cool Disney Tech Toys, the Kindle taking root and swipes at the iPad and a University quitting social media? Say it isn’t so! On with the tech news!

  • Apple Set to Approve Google Voice App? – With their new relaxed rules on apps, it looks like we may finally get a Google Voice App. This is a good move for Apple to let the Marketplace, not their dictators, decide what should or shouldn’t be available for users.
  • Amazon’s Kindle to Arrive at Best Buy – Looks like other ebook readers will have to move over at the big box electronics store. Amazon and Best Buy are teaming up to bring you the Kindle experience without the shipping. Great move by both companies.
  • Kindle Swipes at iPad – Speaking of the Kindle, looks like their new ads take a not-so-subtle swipe at Apple’s iPad and the readability in bright sunlight. I can’t speak for the iPad, but the Kindle sure does read well in bright light.
  • Chattanooga Claims Fastest Internet in the US – Fastest Internet access in the US? Would you believe Tennessee? Just goes to show you that stereotypes are seldom true.
  • Stereo Backgammon Set – Speaking of stereos, if you like backgammon and need speakers for your mp3 player, this is right up your alley.
  • University Bans Social Media – For a week anyway as part of an experience. They are blocking it on their computers and network, so off campus students and those with smartphones and such can still access, but it’s an interesting concept. Are we really too plugged in?
  • Disney Aims for Connected Toy Standards – Disney is wanting to establish standards for their toys and connectivity. I don’t know, does everything need to be connected to the web, including that simple plush of Mickey Mouse?
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