Tech Tuesday: Really?

So this is what we were teased with yesterday. An “exciting” announcement from iTunes. Exciting. It was so exciting that some of us can hardly feign outrage over how incredibly lame it was. The Beatles are now available on iTunes. Yay. Or not. Something tells me that in 3 years when playing Wits & Wagers I’ll forget the year this happened, let alone the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand hype. I understand marketing. I understand creating a splash. But from a company that has, despite my chagrin when I say this, in many ways revolutionized the tech industry, the announcement that they will suddenly start selling the albums of a rock group that is almost 40 years old is hardly worthy of such hype.

The issue is that Apple is going to become the company that cried wolf. The company that so hyped themselves that they became irrelevant. So do me a favor, would you Apple? Get back to me when you start your cloud music locker service or your cloud streaming service or do something, anything, to change the way we think about computing. But please, save your marketing hype or you risk becoming completely irrelevant.

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One comment on “Tech Tuesday: Really?
  1. Eric says:

    Reminds me of the hype Disney was using before announcing their new marketing campaign.

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