Random Thoughts – 11/22/2010

Hey, it’s another Monday. Hope you have a short week ahead of you (not sure if I have any international readers, but Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States!), but if not, rest assured that we have a full week of mayhem slotted here and over at Mouse Guest. Don’t miss it!

  • Yes, I know that “24” was cancelled last season, but there are plans for a feature film. Details are starting to leak out as the stars of the series are promoting the DVD release of the last season. Check out interviews here and here with Chloe herself (and find out that she wants to have a more active role in the series).
  • Sure, the new Harry Potter movie came out this weekend. But if you’d rather play your adventures, check out this great reskinning of Remember Tomorrow.
  • BGG.Con was this past weekend and although I wasn’t able to go, I am able to report the winners of the Golden Geek Awards. The RPG winners are here and the board game winners are here, but congrats to Hansa Teutonic as board game of the year and the Dresden Files RPG as the RPG of the year. Time to make those Christmas Lists.
  • Traveling this week for the holiday? Here are tips courtesy of Lifehacker.
  • Finally, if you are artistic, you too can draw Sy Snootles. Something to do over the long weekend coming up.
Remember, I know it’s Monday – be remember I’m pullin’ for ya, we’re all in this together.
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