Way Back Wednesday – The Circle is Complete

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …
Star Wars RPG and I go back, way back. All the way back to 1988 in fact. I had won $25 in a radio contest and convinced my mom to take me to the local gaming store to promptly spend my cash. Now, back then there was no interweb and I didn’t read many gaming or sci-fi magazines. So, while I had hoped to find some Marvel Super Heroes expansion, instead I saw it sitting there on a shelf. The game that would consume my destiny: Star Wars.
Now, up until then I had been a pretty big Star Wars fan. Played with a lot of the toys (thanks to my neighbor who had all the toys) and enjoyed all the movies, but as a tween boy in the early ’80’s, I moved on at some point to comics, GI Joe and the WWF. But I still had a soft spot for the adventures of Han, Luke and Leia.
I promptly snapped up this book and a set of dice (this game used “normal” dice, too! How awesome!). I went and made some copies at the convenience store (which used some really bad thermal copier, but it worked!) and started some combat scenarios. Soon, however, I stopped gaming and it (along with my other ‘kid stuff’) went into various boxes as we moved several times over the next few years.
A few years later, heavy into comics and having introduced the classic Marvel Super Heroes game to several friends, I picked up the paperback copy of “Heir to the Empire”. Suddenly, I was hooked on Star Wars again. I watched the movies again and thought, “This would rock as an RPG.” Then I remembered I had the original book, dug it out of a box and promptly re-read it. I was excited.
My friends, however, weren’t. They really enjoyed the Marvel campaign we were playing and were quite reluctant to change. I said, “Hey guys, I plan every week for our game, can’t we just do one week of this for me?” They agreed – one week. So, I set out to craft a great adventure that would get them hooked.
And it worked. We never played Marvel again and the launch of my longest running RPG campaign was launched. Even my skeptic friend was on board with a gambler character I had whipped up. That game ran for close to three years before personal conflict destroyed it. During those three years, I learned the D6 system inside and out. And we had a blast.
Fast forward now 15 years. My oldest boy is reading Eragon and Harry Potter. We’re both watching and enjoying the Clone Wars animated series. I wanted to let him play some adventures in a more fantasy realm. Why not D6? I mean, I know that system so well that it wouldn’t take much for me to run some adventures for him and potentially some friends. And I could get him the Star Wars core book as well so he could play with similar rules.
This stoked my fire to see what I had. I asked my oldest if he would help me enter all my Star Wars D6 books into the RPGGeek database. He said, “Sure.” As we did so, he asked, “Hey, can we play this sometime?” I grinned and said “No way.” (Of course I said yes, or this whole story would be pretty lame, right?)
So today we pulled together a character for him and played through one chapter of a Classic adventure. I changed the Rebels to the Republic and the Imperials to the Confederates, but it worked just fine. And he had a great time. I also had to skip a few points as it was a one on one session and the adventure was for four or more, but it was all good. He got a good feel for the mechanics and loved the Wild Die (especially as he had a couple and got to roll more dice). Overall, I think it was a great first session.
I sense that another gamer is budding – and that is fine with me. Now, the circle is complete. And this is one very proud old gamer!
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