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You can help!

As most of you who read this blog know, I am a huge fan of board, card, role-playing type games. I not only play them but read a lot about them and listen to a lot of podcasts. One of

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Someone Gets It!

I ran across this story today and wanted to share: Last night, my husband and I got the tragic news that our three-year-old grandson in Denver had been murdered by our daughter’s live-in boyfriend. He is being taken off life

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Monday Musings 01/10/2010

Good Monday Morning, everyone. Since a certain little guy decided that 4 AM is a perfectly acceptable time to get up and start screaming at the top of his lungs, I figured that I might as well get up and

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Coffee Roasting Part 2 – Mission Completion

As part of the cruel irony that is my life, I worked from home today “making mortgage dreams a reality”. All day, the box of green coffee taunted me with a “You can’t roast me yet” siren call. Finally, a

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Coffee Roasting – it begins!

About a month ago, I quit my part time job at Caribou Coffee. Now, one of the main reasons I still worked there was to keep the “french benefits” including a nice discount on coffee for the times I wasn’t

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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I realize that things have been a little quiet here on the blog over the past few weeks. Life’s been a little hectic between Christmas, church and family activities. But I think things will slow

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