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As most of you who read this blog know, I am a huge fan of board, card, role-playing type games. I not only play them but read a lot about them and listen to a lot of podcasts. One of my favorites, the Dice Tower, is co-hosted by Tom Vasel who in addition to being one of the most enthusiastic gamers I know, is a dedicated Christian, husband, father, school teacher and youth leader. Tom and his family recently just relocated back to the US after serving for years in Korea.

Now, I don’t claim to be tight with Tom in any fashion. We’ve exchanged emails a few times and I would count him an acquaintance more than a friend, but we are also brothers in Christ, loving husbands and dads as well. There is, in a lot of senses, a kinship I feel to Tom.

So about a year ago when I heard that he and his wife were expecting another child (they already had a gaggle of girls), I was pulling for Tom to finally have his heir to the Dice Tower Gaming Empire. I literally whooped for joy when he announced he would have a son! I was thrilled for him.

Unfortunately, his son was born two months premature. Further complicating things little Jack contracted a particularly nasty strain of E Coli bacteria that attacked his brain among other things. After two months of up and down fighting, the Lord called Jack home.

Now that I have your attention, here’s how you can help. I can only imagine how much the medical and funeral bills are in a case like this. No matter how good his health insurance may or may not be, I’m sure the bills for two months in intensive care are not cheap. So, what can you do?

Several folks over at Board Game Geek are holding an auction to help raise money to pay off those bills. You can find the auction HERE and take a look around. A mere $5 will get you in a raffle for a game of your choice (not sure of all the rules) and I have two games on the list that I am matching the winning bid, up to $100 combined, in cash to Tom’s family and Geek Gold to the winner.

Above all, please keep their family in your prayers. Although they have been faithfully strong throughout all of this, prayers are still much appreciated.

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